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The Alive Experience:
​The SHowDown

"Improv," or as some call it, "freestyle," is when a dancer moves to the music on the spot.  There is no choreography, no planning, just in the moment dancing.  The ability to improv or freestyle is something that is worked on over time.  It doesn't always come easy, instead, it usually takes consistent practice to feel comfortable with it.  

The Showdown is your opportunity to hone in on your ability to improv in a fun and motivating, yet competitive, environment.  Dancers will be able to choose what style they would like to compete with (contemporary, jazz, or hip hop).  When The Showdown begins, dancers will take turns improvising to whatever music comes on.  Alive Dance Tours faculty will act as judges and determine who will move to the second round, third round, and so on until a champion for each style is determined.  Dancers participating in The Showdown will have the opportunity to win cash prizes.

Entry Fees:

  • Early Bird Special - $15 (valid until 30 days prior to the event)

  • Full Price - $30

  • Audience Ticket - $20 (ticket includes admission into The Competition & The Showdown)

    • Audience Tickets are required for admission into The Competition & The Showdown.​  Observer/Teacher Bands from The Convention include an Audience Ticket.​

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