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Local Talent Inspiring Local Talent

At Alive Dance Tours, we believe that there is talent all around us and we believe in bringing that talent to light. 

Our faculty is and always will be made up of local industry leaders who got their start right where we are hosting our convention.  


Demi Lovato  -  Google  -  Boston Celtics  -   Xbox’s Dance Central  -   Puma  -  Joyner Lucas ft. Chris Brown  -  TD Banks: Wow Awards Tour  -  Hasbro Toys   - PBS  -  Glee  -  Halsey  -  Good Morning America  -  Monsters of Hip Hop  -  Big Brother  -  Celebrity Big Brother  -  America's Got Talent  -  Stonehill College - Lindsey Stirling  -  Peter Pan  -  Jennifer Hudson  -  National Teen Female Dancer of the Year (2019)  -  Flash Mob America HSBC Bank  -  New York University  -  Foreigners Journey  -  I Wanna Dance with Somebody  -  The Sully Erna Story  -  Tori Kay Harris  -  Macy's Day Parade  -   Dance Teachers' Club of Boston  -  Live & Unfinished Tour  -  Jordan Knight, NKOTB  -  The Finest Hours  -  Keke Palmer  -  The Parenting  -  Big Brother  -  National Young Choreographer of the Year (2022)  -  Hocus Pocus 2

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