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ALIVE Ambassadors
A Local Inspiration Vying for Excellence

ALIVE Dance Tours was founded around one basic idea: dance making people feel alive. To us, feeling alive means embracing joy, passion, determination, and creativity. These are the four building blocks of our organization. Red, the color of joy and passion, and yellow, the color of determination and creativity, are embodied in our logo. Our Ambassadors embody all four of these of these elements, too.

Our ALIVE Ambassadors were chosen because they made our faculty members feel alive through their dancing at the ALIVE Dance Convention, and we think that is something to celebrate!

Want to be an Alive Ambassador? Sign up for The Convention and automatically be considered for the program.  Alive Ambassadors receive several perks including discounted tuition on future events, the opportunity to assist faculty members, a feature on our Instagram, a swag bag full of Alive merch, and more.


APRIL 2024





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