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The Alive Experience:
​The Competition


The Competition is an opportunity for dancers to perform and compete on The Alive Dance Tours stage with their own pieces.  Solos, duets, trios, and groups are all welcome to compete!  All performances will compete in one category for an overall first, second, and third place.   


The Competition, like the rest of The Alive Experience, is centered around making others, as well as ourselves, feel alive.  Because of this, seasoned competition dancers looking to show off their artistry as well as dancers who are new to competition and eager to expand on their dance experience are all welcome to compete on The Alive Dance Tours stage.   In order to keep our show within a reasonable running time, participation in The Competition will be limited. and first come first serve.

Judging Criteria:

Performance Quality (Overall Appearance, Personality, Style & Execution) - 30 Points

Degree of Difficulty & Technique - 30 Points

Concept & Presentation (Choreography, Musicality, Use of Stage & Formations) - 30 Points

Entry Fees:

  • Early Bird Special - $50/dancer (valid until 30 days prior to the event)

  • Full Price - $60/dancer

  • Audience Ticket - $20 (ticket includes admission into The Competition & The Showdown)

    • Audience Tickets are required for admission into The Competition & The Showdown.​  Observer/Teacher Bands from The Convention include an Audience Ticket.​


Placement Awards

At Alive Dance Tours, we are bringing it back to basics.  Every competitive entry will receive written feedback from our Alive Dance Tours faculty members that will contain both the overall score as well as the score breakdown (by criteria).  Entries will be scored relative to the level of the group (junior groups will be judged against junior level criteria, intermediate groups will be judged against intermediate level criteria, advanced groups will be judged against advanced level criteria).  When it comes to placement awards, we will be acknowledging the overall top 3 high scoring routines, regardless of level and style.  

Judges & Founders Awards

At Alive Dance Tours, we give each of our judges the opportunity to present Judges Awards to entries that they felt a connection to.  The same is true for our founder, Nicole Doucette, who has the opportunity to present Founders Awards to entries that she felt a connection to.  

The Gold Crown

At Alive Dance Tours, we believe that feeling alive means embracing joy, passion, determination, and creativity.  When all four of these elements are embodied by a routine, we are left feeling truly alive.  At each of our events, The Gold Crown will be awarded to the one entry that demonstrated the most joy, passion, determination, and creativity, therefore leaving us feeling the most alive.   The Gold Crown is a prestigious award reserved for only the most elite performers.  Winners of The Gold Crown will be inducted into the Alive Dance Tours Hall of Fame and receive lifetime benefits for all Alive Dance Tours events.  

Rules and Regulations:

  • Entries must be submitted by one point person (studio owner, teacher, choreographer, etc.).  

  • All music & choreography must be family-friendly and appropriate for an audience of all ages. 

  • Props must be approved by Alive Dance Tours prior to the event weekend.  If a prop is approved for use, set up/break down/clean up is the responsibility of the group.

  • All payments must be made in full upon registration. 

  • Entry fees are non-refundable.

*All entries for The Competition are due 5 days prior to the event.

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