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Junior Room Ambassador: Contemporary


Meet Mikeila!  Mikeila is 9 years old and has been dancing for 7 years.  Mikeila currently dances at Encore Dance academy where she is a member of a competitive dance team.  She loves all types of dance, but her favorites are lyrical and jazz.  When we asked Mikeila what she loves most about dance, she told us that she loves how dance gives her the opportunity to move and have fun with her friends.  She also told us that she loves her dance teachers and learning from them.  Dance makes Mikeila feel alive because it allows her body to move in different ways and because it makes her feel happy. 


Mikeila’s favorite part of The Alive Experience was learning from so many new teachers!  Mikeila can’t wait for the next Alive Dance Tours event so that she can assist classes and improve her dance skills even more.  


Fun fact - Mikeila has a big passion for dance and she wants to be a professional dancer when she grows up!

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