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Advanced Room Ambassador: Hip Hop

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Londyn is an 11 year old dancer who began her dance journey at the young age of 3.  She currently dances at Zello Dance Studio where she is a member of the dance company.  Londyn’s favorite style of dance is definitely hip hop.  When asked what she loves most about dance, Londyn told us that she loves how she is able to express her feelings and let everything out.  She is able to let her body be free without worrying about anything else.  Dance provides her the opportunity to let all of her feelings out.  Londyn told us that dance makes her feel alive because it gets her energized and hyped up!  Whenever she is dancing, she forgets about everything else and just dances her heart out!  


Londyn’s favorite part of The Alive Experience was that it really challenged her and pushed her to try her hardest.  She also loved the teachers, The Convention classes, and The Showdown!  Londyn is looking forward to future Alive events so that she can assist in classes and meet new people!


Fun fact about Londyn, she loves performing and being in front of the camera!

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