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Senior Ambassador: Hip Hop

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Landon is a 12 years old dancer training at both Phunk Phenomenon in Everett, MA and Encore Dance Academy in Reading, MA. At Phunk Phenomenon, Landon is a member of the Lil’ Phunk Green Team.  While Landon’s favorite style of dance is hip hop, he loves all styles of dance and wants to continue training in all of them! In July of 2022, Landon won Top Ten Best Dancer in the Junior Male Division at the Dance Awards in Las Vegas.  As a result, he is now able to extend his training even further at the Break the Floor dance conventions this season.  When we asked Landon what he loves most about dance, he told us that he loves how he  can express himself and move to the music. Fun fact - Landon has only been dancing for 2 and a half years!  He says that even though he hasn’t done it for very long, he knows that he has found his passion. To quote Landon himself, “being on stage is where I’m meant to be.”


Why dance makes Landon feel ALIVE: 

“Dance brings this energy and I really feel I found my passion. It's a feeling I get only when I dance.”


Landon’s favorite part of the most recent Alive Dance Convention:

“My favorite part of the convention was being there for the first one!  The lighting was pretty cool too!”

Why Landon is looking forward to the next Alive event:

“I can't wait to be able to assist one of the teachers as an Ambassador and meet new friends.”

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