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Advanced Room Ambassador: Hip Hop

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Jada is 16 years old and has been dancing since she was 3 years old.  She dances with Zello Dance Studios, a non-competitive, performance-based dance studio whose primary goal is to introduce dancers to the industry.  Jada’s favorite style of dance is contemporary.  When asked what she loves most about dance, Jada states that she loves that it is open to interpretation and that she is able to add her own individual style to different pieces of choreography.  Dance makes Jada feel alive because it puts a smile on her face in times of need.  For Jada, dance has helped make so many connections and it has introduced her to some of her best friends.  


Jada’s favorite part of the Alive events would have to be the teachers - she says that they made her feel so welcomed in their classes.  She can’t wait to continue her journey with Alive Dance Tours to learn from more teachers.  She is also looking forward to competing in both The Competition and The Showdown again.  


Fun fact about Jada, she hopes to get into teaching at some point!

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