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Advanced Room Ambassador: Hip Hop


Meet Grace!  Grace is 19 years old and has been dancing for 13 years now.   She grew up dancing at Movement Dance Studio in Wakefield, MA, and is now taking dance classes anywhere she can!  She wants to spend her life teaching and inspiring young dancers because it is her passion.  Grace hopes to travel the world and inspire dancers everywhere!  Grace’s favorite style of dance is hip hop.   When we asked Grace what she loves most about dance, she told us that she loves it because it has always helped her express the feelings that she can’t put into words.  Dance makes Grace feel alive because it brings out all the emotions and feelings that she can’t let out.  She lives by the slogan “unleash the beat,” and has since she was young.  She says that it truly comes to life when she feels the rhythms and becomes one with the music.  


Grace’s favorite part of the convention was being recognized as an Alive Ambassador.  She told us that it made her feel like all her hard work was paying off.  Grace is looking forward to the next convention so that she can be a role model to other dancers!


Fun Fact - Nicole, Alive Dance Tours’ founder, was one of Grace’s biggest role models when she was a young dancer herself!

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