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Intermediate Room Ambassador: Hip Hop

Gaby is 13 years old and has been dancing for 9 years.  She trains at WSPA, Winthrop School of Performing Arts.  At her dance studio she takes multiple classes throughout the week in several different styles of dance.  Dance is a significant part of Gaby’s life because she loves performing with the people she loves most.  SHe truly enjoys being able to make others happy through her performances.  She loves all styles of dance, but if she had to choose Gaby would say that contemporary and hip hop are her favorites.  She loves them because in contemporary you can show your emotional side and in hip hop you can show your sassy side!  When we asked Gaby what she loves most about dance, she told us that she loves how it allows her to express herself creatively.  She can feel the music in her body and experience freedom and joy.  She told us that dance is a language that communicates emotions and narratives in ways that words can’t.  For Gaby, dance is a beautiful way to put a story out there, convey emotion, and connect with others without saying a word.  She also loves dance because it is a great way to stay active and have fun!  Dance makes Gaby feel alive because it ignites her inner fire and allows her to unleash her true self.  When someone moves to the rhythm of the music, they can feel the energy pulsing through their bodies, awakening their true senses and connecting them to the present moment.  It’s like the stage is a canvas and dancers are paint brushes, making their way around the stage and creating a beautiful painting for people to see and enjoy!


Gaby’s favorite part of The Alive Experienced is The Showdown!  She loves being able to see so many dancers show off their skills.  She also loved to see how everyone moved differently - she said it was such a beautiful thing to watch!  Gaby is looking forward to future Alive events because she can’t wait to take classes with more great teachers.  She loves how everyone interprets dance a little bit differently, and she loves being able to learn from different perspectives!  

Fun fact about Gaby, she loves getting advice from the teachers at dance conventions!

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