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Intermediate Room Ambassador: Jazz


Meet Evie!  Evie is 11 years old and has been dancing for the past 8 years.  Evie dances at The Dance Company in Amherst, NH where she is a member of their competition team.  In addition to being on the competition team, Evie takes ballet and technique, jazz, hip hop, tap, acrobatics, and lyrical/contemporary.  Aside from making art and spending time with her friends, her family, and her pets, there’s nothing that Evie would rather be doing than dancing!  Evie’s favorite styles of dance are jazz and hip hop.  When we asked Evie what she loves most about dance, she told us that she loves how dance makes her feel at home in her body and mind.  She feels peaceful and free when she is dancing, like she is doing exactly what she is meant to be doing.  Dance makes Evie feel alive because she is fully in the moment when she is dancing and isn’t thinking about anything else.  When Evie is dancing, she is being herself, feeling safe, and staying true to herself, and that is what it means to her to feel alive.  


Evie’s favorite part of The Alive Experience was learning all the dances and seeing them come together.  She also loved getting to perform the dances with her friends during The Showcase, learning different styles, and meeting new teachers.  Evie can’t wait for the next Alive event so that she can learn new dances and meet new teachers.  She is also excited to assist and represent Alive!


Fun fact - Evie hopes to be a choreographer some day and teach classes at dance conventions!   Having her own dance studio is also one of Evie’s dreams!

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