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Intermediate Room Ambassador: Hip Hop


Arianna is a 12 year old dancer from Rachel Ferrante’s Academy of Performing Arts.  She has been dancing for 5 years.  At her home studio, Arianna competes with her dance team.  Her favorite styles of dance are contemporary and hip hop.  When we asked Arianna what she loves most about dance, she told us that it brings her happiness in a form that is different from everything else. In addition, she told us that she loves it because it gives her the opportunity to portrait her emotions ina  way that words can’t express.  Dance makes Arianna feel alive because every time she steps on stage or into the studio for class, she gets a rush of excitement and joy that makes her love it even more,  


Arianna’s favorite part of The Alive Experience was getting to learn new choreography alongside people with whom she shares the same passion.  Arianna is looking forward to assisting classes at future Alive Dance Tours events and continuing to connect with the other Alive Ambassadors.


Fun fact about Arianna, she has been to every Alive Dance Tours event so far!

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