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Advanced Room Ambassador: Hip Hop


Meet Aislinn!  Aislinn is 11 years old and has been dancing for 10 years.  Aislinn dances at Balance and Motion Studios.  Dance is a part of Aislinn’s daily life.  She trains a lot, loves conventions the most, and occasionally competes solos.  When we asked Aislinn what she loves most about dance, she told us that she loves the movement and freedom of it.  She loves exploring and getting into the zone.  Dance makes Aislinn feel alive because when she listens to the beats and can put herself into the song and just let loose.  


Aislinn’s favorite part of The Alive Experience was being able to dance with her current friends and meet new friends!  Aislinn can’t wait for the next Alive Dance Tours’ event so that she can see her friends again and create more magic on the dance floor!


Fun fact - Aislinn’s favorite style of dance is contemporary.

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