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Senior Ambassador: Contemporary

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Adrianna is a 16 year old dancer training at Dance Track Studio in Wakefield, MA.  She has been dancing for a total of 13 years.  At Dance Track, Adrianna is a member of the Yellow Competition Team.  She and her competition team are currently in their sixth competition season together.  Although she takes classes in multiple styles, her favorite style of dance is contemporary.  When we asked Adrianna what she loves most about dance, she told us that she loves being able to immerse herself in either conditioning or choreography after a long day.  She also loves spending late nights at her studio, especially with her team.  She told us that her team and her studio as a whole are very supportive and she loves the camaraderie that they provide.  Fun fact - Adrianna was recently chosen as a Stand Out dancer at her most recent dance competition!


Why dance makes Adrianna feel ALIVE:

"Dance makes me feel alive when mastering a new skill. It's extremely rewarding being able to execute a skill after working hard to achieve it!"


Adrianna’s favorite part of the most recent  Alive Dance Convention:

"I loved being able to learn new choreography during classes! The choreographers were extremely motivating and welcoming!"

Why Adrianna is looking forward to the next Alive event:

"I'm very excited to take class and learn new combinations from choreographers! I enjoy learning new ways that choreographers interpret music or movement to put together such dynamic combinations."

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